From Myanmar to Singapore: Why the maid trafficking continues

From Myanmar to Singapore: Why the maid trafficking continues

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I was not allowed to go outside. I never went outside, not even to dump the garbage. I was always inside, I didn’t even go to the market. I felt like I was in jail.

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Your browser is out of date, and may not be compatible with our website. A list of the most popular web browsers can be found below. Just click on the icons to get to the download page. Singapore on Tuesday announced the first local transmissions of the deadly coronavirus from China as a major aviation conference was scrapped due to the escalating health scare. The Ministry of Health said it had found six additional cases, four of them involving human-to-human transmission in Singapore, bringing the total infections to 24 in the city-state.

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The maid is a year-old Indonesian woman who also had no recent travel history to China, according to The Straits Times.

Despite an official ban and widespread condemnation, the trade of underage girls from Myanmar to Singapore continues to thrive. But at the shelter, we met three other teenage maids from Myanmar who’d also run away from their employers. One said she’d been physically abused; another fled after her male employer asked her to take a shower with him; a third told us she’d been raped. In our documentary , we uncovered a thriving trade in the trafficking of underage girls from Myanmar to Singapore.

We discovered that this was happening despite laws in both countries designed to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable young women. In , Myanmar banned all female citizens from leaving to become domestic workers overseas. But we learned that, in villages across the country, recruiters were still telling impoverished families their lives would improve if they let their daughters go to Singapore. What they didn’t say, of course, was that doing so was illegal and that there would be risks involved.

What the agents got in return was a cut of the hefty recruitment fees the girls were obliged to pay.

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She does not see the need to tell her employers about her boyfriend, and feels that she deserves to have some degree of privacy. When her employers leave their condominium for work in the morning, Tara’s heart beats faster. Because it is time to meet her boyfriend. Despite her employers not giving her a day off for fear that she will mix with bad company or find a boyfriend, the maid has found an admirer.

The year-old Filipina, who declines to give her full name, says she is dating one of the condominium’s security guards. Every morning, her employers send their two children to pre-school before going to work.

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I have been hiring domestic help maid since How I look at it is – I am just an employer, not my maid’s family or friend, so why should I be bothered about how she wants to lead her life. As long as she does her work properly, I don’t ask any questions about her private life if she doesn’t want to share with me, it’s fine, because everybody deserve some privacy. As an employee, this is exactly what I would expect from my boss too.

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The Center for Domestic Employees said yesterday that an investigation is underway after clips began circulating of an Indonesian maid being thrown to the ground as the sound of a door slamming shut is heard in the background. I call my agency! The police were called over the incident, according to the eyewitness who originally posted the clip online Saturday.

The Facebook post included a photo of two police officers taking down statements. The eyewitness, named Mitch A Bern, appears to be a Filipino- and English-speaking neighbor who allowed the maid into her home and fed her. In another post, she said the maid had not eaten breakfast or lunch. The police told reporters today they were alerted to the case at around pm on Saturday and that an investigation is underway. Domestic worker abuse is rampant in Singapore even though employers found guilty of the offense face a jail sentence and ban from hiring future domestic workers.

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